PA2TG (Trevor Gale)'s Dramatic Radio Net (ADRA).

So here's just a feasible 80-metre QSO that I couldn't possibly have heard on the band while I was tuning around. You never know what you might hear, that is one of the surprising aspects of our wonderfully educational, technical and yet internationally social persuit.

Once upon a time there were a few fellows who met up on the rather quiet 80-metre band on a weekly basis, well sometimes twice or more in a week, sometimes a bit less if one of them had to visit the doctors' surgery, or do a little house cleaning or something similar. Wonderfully knowledgeable and experienced they were (or perhaps still are, since I've avoided this particular frequency after listening on it) and yet it seems no properly respectful record of their meetings has ever been made. I decided to attempt to rectify that situation by committing just a small excerpt from one of their 'net' contacts to tape, but of course in these modern times I've been forced to transfer this record to something called a 'Sound File' (which I always thought was a strong and sturdy tool for rubbing down metal) so that all the young people with computer chips which wander along webs can 'click' a part of this web and hear it vibrating with the same sound.

Without further ado, this is the bit of web to click to hear the rather extensive conversation, which we radio folks call a "QSO" which is short for Quite Some Oratory, which befits the serious material dealt with in it and could be a valuable lesson for many. New Radio Amateurs who are going to start using the L.F. bands should note the courteous and selfless manner with which such a QSO is conducted; I can only hope that the ensuing 28 minutes provides a good introduction to the use of such bands.

Cast of Characters:-

G9IWH ... Cllr. Harold Besterby-Dunn
G1AZ ... Cpl. Colin Leddman
G7BRA ... Barry Briteover
G7UPN ... Percy Pruddleton


G9IWH: Voiced by Trevor Gale;
Age: 51;
Occupation: Solicitor, County Councillor in Upper Horsewithers;
Station: Yessno SM 9400 Top-master Platinum Pro multibander;
Antenna: 80m. folded-dipole bean on 50-foot Versatruss mast;
Interests: Golf (9-handicap), Music (funds the High Beamington Orchestra),
Animals (Dogs, owns 2 pedigree Alsatians), Travel (regular in the Cayman Islands).

G1AZ: Voiced by Trevor Gale;
Age: 78;
Occupation: Plumber (retired), ex-Corporal [Army];
Station: 17-valve RF-207 with external VFO;
Antenna: Windom random-length wire, ribbon-feed;
Interests: Reading (Readers' Digest & Daily Mail newspaper),
Television (405-line VHF channels, no longer used).

G7BRA: Voiced by Trevor Gale;
Age: 37;
Occupation: Part-time Minicab Driver;
Station: Kenbranch TRX200 with Krokov-Vestia 800W linear;
Antenna: Full half quarter-wave drainpipe vertical at 8 feet;
Interests: Cars (Volkswagon Golf for sale, low mileage, full tank);
Sport (Football, various low-price cup-final tickets available);
Animals (Dogs, regular racetrack visitor sometimes wins a few bets).

G7UPN: Voiced by Trevor Gale;
Age: 62;
Occupation: Tailors' Clerk;
Station: RCA ex-maritime conversion, transistorised;
Antenna: Mouse-trap Dipole at 30 feet from bedroom window;
Interests: Tabulation (list-keeping), Train-spotting, cooking;

That's all for now - Break a leg and good 73's and 88's as appropriate, de PA2TG.

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