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I am also active on the VHF and UHF bands plus 23cms in 'conventional' mode (as opposed to ATV which is addressed on it's own). For this I have a number of rigs, the main station one being the Yaesu FT-736R with a FT-726R as a secondary unit and as a backup, with it's own antennas. Because I make a lot of use of the 2m / 144 MHz band, there is also a fall-back in the main station of a Yaesu FT-225RD, which although an old rig is still useful if anything untoward happens on that band's equipment. It is switched such as to share the use of a 100W 2m. linear amplifier upon which I can select between 50W and the full 100W, and also incorporates a receive pre-amplifier which itself is selectable. These 'main station' facilities mostly make use of Yagi beam antennas as described in the 'antennas' section.

In my workshop, where I am often to be found busy, there are also two rigs, one for 2m (so I can operate locally whilst working there without leaving the bench) together with one for 70cms (432 MHz) for the same reason. These are in addition to a 2m/70cm rig which is placed in my computer and desktop area - for similar reasons as those located in the workshop. These have their own dedicated antennas - as opposed to the 'main' station VHF / UHF / 23cm rigs which use antennas on the mast, again as described earlier in the secion covering antennas and the mast and its erection.
The 'main station' rigs for these higher frequencies are also connected such that I can use them in the SSTV and RTTY modes as well as speech, and are capable of all the different required modes such as SSB, AM, FM and CW. In the planning (that'll be some time in the future due to other radio activities!) are rigs of my own design for 13cms (2.3 GHz) and 3cms (10 GHz) for conventional modes, as opposed to ATV. Lower-noise preamplifiers for thse bands are also designed and in use or are also in the planning.
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