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Welcome to my Old Radio Buying/Selling links. page. Last updated 8th November, 2004..

This first update only includes a couple of links to traders who buy and sell sets and components, and I purposely do not copy those who are already listed in the appropriate part of the FAQ since that would be wasting space by duplication. Really take a look at the FAQ for more suppliers; however if you know of some more folks who should be listed here then let me know and I'll take that into account in the next update.

>>> However here are some links to start us off with:-
http://www.radio-list.com/Directory/Recreation/Antiques/Radio/Commercial/ A place to buy and sell all sorts of antique radio-related items, test gear, generators, etc; worth looking at their list.
http://antiqueradio.org/spec.htm This is in fact a list of other suppliers together some details of what they deal in. A probably rather useful list.
http://www.rnw.nl/realradio/links/html/antique_suppliers.html Aonther list of suppliers with useful information - but first check out the supplier online. Actually, this applies to all online traders really.
http://hem.passagen.se/radiok/links.htm has a commercial section in its list of european links to various resources which is worth taking a look at.
http://www.vcomp.co.uk/ This links to "6v6.co.uk", an online shop for components etc., but they deal in a lot more than just audio output valves/tubes!

I must state here that I have no commercial interest or any connection with any of the traders/dealers listed above, and in fact I have no intention at all of ever becoming such a trader despite the sheer number of requests I receive via e-mail.

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