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Welcome to my Old Radio Links page. Last updated 8th November, 2004..

Firstly a couple of books...

Old Time Radios! Restoration and Repair Carr, Joseph J., Tab Books, 1991 ISBN 0-8306-3342-1 A little on the technical side, but still useful.
Antique Radio Restoration Guide Johnson, David, 2nd edition, Wallace-Homestead, 1992 ISBN 0-87069-638-6 A very good guide book for those starting out as well as providing odd hints and tips. Helps you to buy things, what to look for, how to do certain repairs.

Next a few links, more to come in the next update:-

http://www.vcomp.co.uk/ manuals, information, resources and projects for the old radio enthusiast.
http://www.nostalgiaair.org/schematics/ circuit diagrams for thousands of radio sets.
http://hem.passagen.se/radiok/links.htm a number of links to european old radio sites with useful information.
http://www.radio.mcmail.com/links.html pointers to a number of specialised vintage radio specialists and information relating to various aspects of the hobby.

Some Newsgroups...

Notable among some newsgroups with similar interests:
news:rec.antiquesrec.antiques General discussion of antiques.
news:rec.antiques.marketplacerec Buy/sell/swap antiques of all types.
news:rec.audio.tubes Discussion of later vacuum tube / valve audio equipment.
news:rec.music.collecting .* Phonograph records. This hierarchy has both discussion and marketplace groups.
news:rec.radio.swap Buy and sell any electronic equipment, new or old. This includes test equipment and accessories.
news:rec.radio.amateur.equipment Specific to ham radio equipment.
news:rec.radio.shortwave Discusses shortwave programming, stations, and receivers.
news:rec.audio .* Discussion of audio equipment. This hierarchy includes several categories, as well as a marketplace newsgroup.
news:rec.woodworking Discussion of woodworking, finishes, veneering, etc. If you are working with an old cabinet, read this group.

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