Trevor Gale's Theatre / Drama Page.

Latest update here is on 7th September 2013.

As you might gather from the presence of this page and the link to it, one of my very significant pastimes is the theatre; it is a medium of communication (a word that is central to many themes in my life) and although performing a part is usually an extremely demanding and exhausting activity, much more so are all the preparations and rehearsals that take place before the performances.
When executed well, it can provide the sort of feedback from the audience which is like no other feeling I can describe whatsoever; that reward is second to none.

As an ex-patriate Englishman here in The Netherlands, I see that there is still a good deal of interest in English-spoken theatre here, not least due to the international culture of the area around the Hague, near where I live. My primary interest in the theatre is as an actor, and I have appeared in a number (exactly how many I no longer remember!) of plays here since 1983. For the some 5 years I hardly did any theatre work at all, due to being away from home for work and such-like, but I was asked to take part in a series of entertainment evenings and the bug bit back! With the feedback I had from both the Director and importantly another cast member who gave me the best self-confidence I have ever felt at any time (and who became one of the best friends I could have ever found), I took up this activity seriously again for a long and rewarding while.
More about my own personal theatre involvement can be found under this link.

Right, that's enough about me. Let's start off this little page with a few links:-
First, a link here to the Anglo-American Theatre Group (AATG) also here in the Netherlands. they do a number of different shows each year in additon to various workshops, readings, evenings etc. The new URL is now
Each year, there is held a "Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies" (FEATS for short, of course), The Hague, Netherlands, was the birthplace of the AATG and FEATS (see the AATG page previously mentioned). There is a FEATS Home Page for this, with various info.
Mentioning "amdram", there's a UK web site for "AMDRAM" with a deal of information on drama and theatre in the U.K., and with some international links as well.
Also with in-depth information on both amateur and professional theatre activities as a theme the U.K. Theatre Web has a page which has in addition a link to some FEATS information.

Well, that's all there is for the moment, I'll add more as time passes (rehearsals permitting, etc, naturaly...).
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