Latest news: preparation for my next photographic exhibition, which will include the series:

Here is a summary:
This series is one that will assume the title "Of Duality", or perhaps 'Of Contradictions' although the latter is far too simple. What I will express here in a series of 6 posed portrait photographs is the duality, or the 'abiguity' (in the viewers' or listeners' [etc] interpretation) of messages that we all 'send out' - and receive, especially in an otherwise 'unknown' scenario.

We have all been there - in the office, on a train, on the dance floor, at a party - where we see or meet someone we did not know before and we immediately 'know' what sort of person they are, what they think of us... sometimes we even have the same with people we think we already know, but that exchange / screnario is more complex. Let's just assume that we 'know', we just know...
Or do we?
Have we received the right message? Have we interpreted it correctly? More importantly, have we actually received the entire message? This is the message that transcends the literal or spoken language, the message being conveyed only by the expression and the rest of the body language.

In any series I do, there is always an 'introductory' session where discussion and some test shots take place and are made: I do not normally show such shots, but just a couple of them are available below.
The model for this series is Rachel, and the setting will be in a studio with a minimal 'box set' with a table, chair and a door... here you see only a couple of test shots taken, under-lit, in my conservatory at home as part of that first session. Here they come:

That is all I am prepared to show at this stage, and each of the above images has been resized and redefined to be only sufficient for Web quality and small file size. Because such 'communication' between people with its associated interpretations and mis-understandings has been taking place for many centuries, I want to impart a level of 'timelessness' into the series; hence this series will be shot or at least printed in black-and-white for exhibition.
Thank you for viewing, all images (c) F.C. Trevor Gale, June - August 2008.

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