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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions of the Newsgroup rec.antiques.radio+phono. The FAQ files were set up and maintained by Hank VanCleef during the early years of the group until March 1996. Gerard Tel then took over until August this year, when he called in for others to take over the task. It was voted on, and what was agreed as a good idea is that the FAQ be split into separate ones for Acoustic Phonographs and for Radios (including televisions, etc). George Conklin will host the FAQ for Acoustic Phonographs, and myself for this Radio FAQ. So, even though it's been a couple months coming, here it is at last. My apologies for it having taken so long to put up, but life has been rather unexpectedly busy lately and I've therefore taken longer than I intended in updating the site.
This first Web-based FAQ may contain many errors (not technical ones, but ones related to HTML and general layout or omissions: I also apologise in advance for these, and please e-mail me if you find any such significant errors. Constructive critisism is also welcome; bear in mind I am already editting these pages such that there are more links, etc., than appear now.

FAQ Sections
Section Subject Updated
1 Charter, Group Life, Basic Questions December 1997
2 General questions about valve/tube radios. March 1996
3 Judging the age / date of old radios. December 1999
4 Radio Spares, Components and Services March 1996
5 Cosmetic and Cabinet Restoration issues. March 1996
6 Valve/Tube Technical Questions March 1996
7 Tools and Test Equipment for old radio work March 1996
8 Miscellaneous questions. March 1996

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