Trevor Gale 2012 in Wengen [2]: "A Home from Home". Some new views, times, happennings, observations, &etc.
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Locally, this is more or less central in the chalet in Wengen, in the Jungfrau region, canton Bern, in Switzerland. At last there is a DSL internet link so in theory at least it's possible to keep up to date with e-mail and so on - but in practice, up here there is sometimes so much else to do which is far more interesting, enjoyable and rivetting that the 'net side of things gets simply overlooked. That applies whatever the season, basking in the sunshine or rolling around a way up in the snow, or simply sitting lazily and chatting or this and that - and of course after 'returning to base' the experiences get well filed in the mind but somehow don't get recalled to write into this website...

However in an attempt to remedy that situation this page has been briefly put together, and whilst not recalling all the experiences and views that have gone before I do try to put some of this years' time on to record. Being a 'first edition draft' as it is, I'll just put the first bits of interest up, which can be selected by clicking on the images and links below... first they merely adress some short segments quickly put together over the last couple of days. They are not in any particular chronological order! From any of the selected links, just use the 'back' button on your browser to return to this page - perhaps to look another of these links!

I made a first attempt with Digital Photography at photographing the night sky in clear view and with virtually no light pollution as is usual at night here on Saturday 15th. Then it was 8.7 degrees C outdoor temperature, dry, no wind, and it is at 1368m above sea level here. I also went out in the field nearby the chalet on the Sunday night for a second try with a better all-round view.

This link leads to the Saturday night effort.

This link is for Sunday night's effort.

Earlier on in the week I decided to wander along the 'high street' ["Dorfstrasse"] so as to take a few pictures that might give an idea as to what is around in the centre of the village in the way of shops and so on. I had no preferences nor had I the idea to be all-inclusive here, just to give a basic impression!

A link to the village street views....

The weekend before this there was the annual Jungfrau Marathon, and the runners participating in this pass along the 'Dorfstrasse' which is then decked out with decorations and signs together with volunteers with refreshments etc., on their way from the start in Interlaken towards their destination at the Eigergletscher. 30.25Km along the way!

Marathon views along the village street.

They do so that for so many things, well, you can just wait for the cows to come home before that'll happen! I have news for you - they DO come home!

Some of those getting off back to the warm below!

Well that's it for the moment, I hope you found some of the content interesting, and I will do my best to update this page firstly with more comprehensive information and secondly on a more regular basis.

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