Trevor Gale 2012 in Wengen [2]: Night Sky. This Issue: 15th September 2011, updated Sunday with a basic map and daylight horizons for orientation.
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So tonight it is now 11:58pm local here in the chalet in Wengen, in the Jungfrau region, canton Bern, in Switzerland. A first attempt with Digital Photography at photographing the night sky in clear view and with virtually no light pollution as is usual at night here. Here it is 8.7 degrees C outdoor temperature, dry, no wind, and at 1368m above sea level.

Camera setup is my new Canon EOS 5D with a 24-85mm zoom, extra hood fitted, using a shutter release electronics unit of my own design used for between 64S and 250S exposure times [bulb setting on the camera] with ISO settings of between 1600 - 4000, I settled on 3200 after a first couple of try-outs. Aperture was set also between f/5.6 and f/11; all these settings apply to the pictures that follow. For the sake of uploading size / time I have reduced the size of the images. More comprehensive information on each image was noted and will follow as time and opportunity allows, this page is just to allow me to get off a quick upload of the series of pictures with basic information.

This is a brief map of the local area with the yellow lines showing the beam of view used...

And here are just two horizon daylight views, you see the village of Murren the other side of the valley pointed out in the picture...

So here they come - the images start off taken from the balcony looking towards the village of Murren on the far other side of the valley between, then progress around to the right in a clockwise manner... but not very far as I was not of a particular mind to get out the chalet onto the grass to make more directions of view.

Thats all the images and info for tonight!
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