Trevor's Workspace Views Page. Latest HTML update: 11th January 2009.
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You can see a number of views (this will be updated as I go) of the workspace areas I am busy in at various times when certain monitor computers are switched on and online, otherwise the views are of the last ones that were captured when I had it on. NEW! ATV views too! They are of the workshop, the 'amateur radio end of the room, the computer/admin area, etc., and a selectable one of the garden / outdoors. The outdoor view will in future automatically change, done by a hardware rotation switch, and will be substituted as and when there is no longer enough daylight. Included is now the current/last view of the ATV status screens.
The page may be a bit messy at this moment, but when I get round tuit (round tuits are in short supply and very expensive) it is not a top priority) it will get tidied up a bit. Here come the views:-
First the workshop, electronics bench:-

Then another, second view of the workshop, mechanical bench:-

Next the status screens of the ATV (Amateur Television) station:-

Then the 'amateur radio' shelf end of things:-

And the operating area of the radio station area:-

Then the 'computer/admin' area:-

Then another view of the computer area:-

And an out-doors view of the garden/drive/greenhouse etc:-

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