Frequently Asked Questions (part 8)

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Part 8 - Miscellaneous / uncategorised Questions.

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1.0 Nov. 15, '95 New section
2.0 Dec. 12, '99 Added basic HTML and reference to valve data.

Part 8 - Miscellaneous and other home entertainment items

This section is being added to the faq to cover questions on things like Regina music boxes, jukebox-specific questions, and other items that cover home entertainment devices included in the charter which are not acoustic phonographs or old radios. It also contains references to Web-based valve / tube data resources; input and experiences from readers or other contributors is most welcome and will be included in this section as it evolves.

There are several pages on the Web which contain old valve/tube data, and if you host such a page, or know of one, please e-mail me and I'll update this list. I start it with my own list of valve data, available at where a number of tubes' data are stored. I update this as I can, often in response to enquiries from newsgroup readers when I go and look up the data in one of my books in my collection.

More to follow, hopefully.

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