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Latest update: 1st October 2017, 01:14 [local, UTC+1]. A full introduction can now be heard by clicking this link to listen. UPDATES: This page, 'News' page, further pa2tg.html content.

NOTE - I have given up (temporarily) at using a web package to author these pages and bring them into modern context and format, the results (due to my slow learning no doubt) were absolutely unreadable and also put in some unintended content which I've cleaned up, so it's back to this old format for the time being. For the new format I'll probably go down to it during the coming holiday time as and when I feel up to it.
So, welcome to the latest revision of my pages, where I share my interests with other people (as told, the publishable ones anyway!).
HERE's some WENGEN, Switzerland 'report' pages, see [NEW] this latest update and my earlier 'wengen2012' link here for some of that content!...
Some of our experiences using video capture were very educative; I have also used that same package for my ATV (Amateur TeleVision) activities. Indeed, I am using a new version of that package to prepare material for features as may be seen on my amateur radio page referenced below.
The Radio/ATV Page!! My ATV station and radio station and associated activities is to be found under this link, (or .com etc etc) and that is where nearly all ATV and all amateur radio developments in-house will be described.

NEWS! Firstly, you can SEE a view of my work places when they are 'LIVE' by clicking here ; note that these views will be updated in the future; Secondly, - HERE is the latest news from me concerning up-coming activites and what's been going on.

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