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    Updated March 30th 2015 - about 18:34 I think!

Welcome to my (PA2TG, ex-G8GFH) Radio and ATV pages, where I share my Amateur Radio and some engineering interests with other people and fellow amateurs.

A number of you have asked about file sharing in a home network and a few are running either Linux or Windows or both: some folk have had some problems getting this running, so I've put together a quick introduction to Linux <> Windows file sharing in this page here (fileshare.html) which shows some of the details of getting it running: *NOTE* this is a 'quick and simple' way of implementing it although I've covered a few different situations - I recommend you choose the bits of that page that you need, and also enable the security features you require such as SELinux and firewall(s) since what I show is very 'open' just to keep the content simple and focussed.

Whilst here, professionally working on prototype design means procuring components etc., and I know many Radio Amateurs also need to occasionally source some such components, often via the different online Web outlets - and that often involves receiving shipment through a courier to deliver your package(s). So here's a 'warning' for you when expecting such a package from a courier, i.e. DHL Express.

My latest experience of DHL Netherlands (a colleague suggested "Delay, Hold, Lose.") is one I actually took the trouble to keep notes about. I have never experienced such appalling and disgustingly rude behaviour, you should read my description on the page I put up about it - ( you can view it here, screenshots and all) - it is a catalog of worthless, careless performance, lack of service, lies, and unbelievably rude behaviour. Unbelievable!

The latest content on this site includes new 'News', updated ATV station information, and further 'Device Data' now uploaded and included amongst other things.
After rolling around some the other day I came with some fresh ideas so I am also reviewing the site for a total 're-organisation', with new presentation and better classification and some video to bring it more into life, as it were; however that will have to wait until the next updates get into my timetable.

I happen to be fairly 'act-ive' as a Radio Amateur, and quite a lot of my radio station equipment is also designed and built by me in my workshop, together with many of the antennas and accessories involved in it's use.
As a little dramatic interlude, or perhaps a part of ones' education, or simply for entertainment, take a quick listen to some other characters on the 80-metre band who could explain some history of the persuit if they ever got down to it(!).

I work the H.F. bands (160/80/40/20/15 and 10m) as well as the VHF bands 6m / 50MHz and 2m / 144MHz and UHF bands 70cm / 432MHz and the higher bands 23cm / 1296MHz 13cm (2330MHz and 3cm / 10GHz. (The bands in between are planned to be built for, i.e. 9cm / 3450MHz, and 6cm / 5800MHz. Much of the microwave activity is dedicated to the persuit of A.T.V. (Amateur TeleVision) and that has a separate section here on the site.

The previous website I had devoted to this interest was becoming unwieldly, so I did do a first 're-organisation' it to make it easier to navigate it and bring it up-tp-date. The website side of things is still not my main priority, but I shall try and keep it a little more in line with current activities and various goings-on in the workshop and the radio area, which are many and varied. I find that 28 hours per day is simply not sufficient! (Some Astromer colleague tells me there are actually only approximately 24 hours in an Earth day, thus providing evidence that Engineers work longer and harder than anyone else on the planet.).
With all of this in mind, I have divided all the content into sections, and these are as follows:-

Latest News in the PA2TG station as is here updated, various activities (also latest ATV news).

Component data for devices that are commonly used here, a whole list.

General Facilities at PA2TG Here you'll find information concerning power feed to the equipment, grounding, my mast and it's erection and control, and security.

ATV: A later (in terms of a couple of years!) interest and activity has been that of ATV (Amateur TeleVision) and most of my more recent activities in Amateur Radio have been in this field. Herein is more information about this activity.

Computers used at PA2TG and their purposes, the wiring of them, etc.

The H.F. bands (1.8 to 30 MHz) used in the PA2TG station, the rigs for these bands, the antennas and the accessories and extra modes of operation are described here.

Using it Higher Up:PA2TG also makes heavy makes use of the higher frequency bands for the more conventional activities, namely on 6m / 50 MHz, 2m / 144 MHz, 70cm / 432 MHz and 23cm or 1.2 GHz.

Space: an area important at PA2TG since the effects of the Sun and the use of satellites are all things which affect Amateur Radio. Therefore various space-related matters are dealt with here.

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