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Latest update:- 23/5/2013.

Hello there, welcome to the radio shack as it were. A more in-depth view of my own radio activities can be found under this link. Please Note:- More complete and relevant, up-to-date information may be found here at or,, or . This is where the latest "home" radio activities will be described from now onwards, since otherwise the information tends to over-run and generally dis-organise the 'engineering' information on the main web site.

Now there are a variety of amateur radio resources around on the Web, and the number of them is expanding. As time goes by, more and more Web data is coming on-line, and this is also in line with the advancing, changing nature of Amateur Radio activities.

Below, you will find a number of links to various resources, but I know that I will not have added all of those that are around, so if YOU know of some that others may enjoy, email me at: and I'll see about including them here.

Indeed, a fellow amateur has sent me a set of links which he maintains on a regular basis, faster than my commitments allow me to do, and I have promised to try to mirror this set of links and keep it as up-to-date as I can. Quite a few of the old ones that I used to have on the original radio page which were here seem to have disappeared, so naturally I have taken out their links.

Here is an image of the radio station PA2TG as it was configured (see etc. as mentioned above); the extra 3cm / 10GHz front-end is currently under construction in the workshop but will of course also form part of the station in the near future:-

Amateur Radio Links...

For those of you interested in repairing/restoring/just knowing about valve (tube) technology, I continue to provide the resource of old tube/valve data here which may be of help or interest to you.

The tube/valve search database page which was at seems to have disappeared or moved: if you know where, please e-mail me with the new address and I'll update the link.

The latest SOLAR / SUNSPOT information relating to the current cycle can be of interest to radio amateurs and shortwave listeners alike. More detailed solar radiation information can be found under this link.

A fellow radio amateur has sent me his radio 'Quick-Links' Web page address, and so I quote the link here to the G7KPF UK Quick Links page.
The RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) broadcasts a news bulletin every week in addition to other news resources it has, so if you would like to read it, then seen by clicking here.
Since I am ex-pat here in the Netherlands, I am also a member of the Dutch radio amateur society "VERON", and their home page can be found under this link.

Thinking of Microwaves/Satellites?

Well I just picked up a URL that seems to be very interesting for those of us who are referred to by the 80m. guys as 'plumbers'... apparently put together by G8KMH with friends, I'd recommend you take a look if you think anything below 30MHz is just about D.C.!
The AMSAT amateur satellite organisation also have a home page with some interesting topics and links - by clicking here you can take a look at that page.
There is also the ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League), the U.S.A. amateur radio society's home page. This can be looked at by clicking here. This is now the corrected URL for their page, thanks for the notice Dick, PB0AKD.
Information on DX in the amateur world can be obtained by following this link here, whilst there is more information relating to the new Echolink facility by looking it up right here.

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