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Latest update: 4th February, 2021.

NO!!! This has not been updated, just someting added that I need right now, very personal!!!

NEW! You can view some of my work areas by by clicking on this link to see the views - they are only current when the dependent systems are enabled and online, otherwise you get to see the views when I was last doing it.

I have a number of interests and important ones (for me) are Golf, Radio Electronics, Photography, Philosophy and Writing, and Theatre Acting. Some of these are already described in their main pages, but here you might find some more and gain something of an insight into 'what makes me tick' as it were, in other words what actually drives me.

From its' new incarnation, as it were, this page has become very large and time-consuming to load into a browser. I have therefore decided to split it into 5 sections which can be clicked upon below. As a general background, to begin with, I was a professional Space Electronic Engineer before retiring but this career grew from an interests in all things electronic from when I was about 9 years old - when I built my first radio from junk bits and pieces out of old radios and televisions. That was using 'valves' - Americans call them 'tubes' - in my small corner of the garage at that time. Things and education progressed, and there was never any real question concerning what I was to end up doing, which was to enter the professional electronics sphere. Eventually I decided to move away from England to have a try at making a better future for myself in Europe, and I re-located to the Netherlands (Holland) on what was at first a 6-month contract but which resulted in my staying here for many years.

Anyway, here follow the links which may be chosen:-

My Engineering (pro and amateur) page.

My Photography area page.

My Theatre / Acting area page.

My Writings and Philosophy page.

My Golf reference page.

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The Internet service provider I use offers users here in The Netherlands a certain range of services and is reasonably priced: the name used to say it all: XS4ALL (pronounced 'access for all'), but it's now taken over by KPN (Koningklijk Prutsers Nederland!) so it's no way what it used to be.

You can E-mail the author of these pages (Trevor Gale) by using this link. on the Dutch Internet service provider XS4ALL.
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